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Functional insole with a forefoot supination wedge for Forefoot varus
Orthotic solution: Functional insole with a forefoot supination wedge
Type of treatment:
  • Corrective treatment
Suitable for:
  • Flatfoot caused by a forefoot varus
  • Flexible and semiflexible deformities
  • Prevent subtalar pronation, plantar flexion and mediotarsal abduction during midstance and take off
  • Stabilize the mediotarsal joint during the midstance
  • Reduce hypermobility of forefoot
  • The plaster cast must be taken with the calcaneus in neutral position, paying special attention to the proper alignment between forefoot and rearfoot
  • The forefoot supination wedge must be placed under the distal and medial zone of the insole shell. The maximum height is the anterior-medial zone decreasing to zero in the lateral one
  • The shell must end at the distal metatarsal axis, in order to control the motion during the heel contact and the midstance phases
  • This forefoot supination wedge also should usually be accompanied by a rearfoot piece (rearfoot pronation wedge, medial heel skive, etc.)

Functional insole view (Click on picture to show large image)