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Insole with varus wedge (rearfoot varus post) for Pes cavus
Orthotic solution: Insole with varus wedge (rearfoot varus post)
Type of treatment:
  • Corrective treatment
Suitable for:
  • Patients with mild or moderate stage of flexible talus varus
  • Place rearfoot in neutral position
  • The insole includes a wedge under the rear and medial part of its surface
  • The wedge begins at the posterior-plantar part of the calcaneo-cuboid joint, and covers the ¾ parts of the internal heel
  • The maximum height of the wedge is placed at the posterior-lateral zone, decreasing to 0 mm at the other side of the wedge
  • Approximately, the needed compensation is 1 mm height per degree of pathology (angle between talus and leg axis)
  • Normally, an insole with a varus wedge also includes a forefoot supination piece
Picture: INSOLE view

Lateral Medial

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